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ALLmap© Pattern Development

We spent a lot of time working with traditional camouflage from around the world.  Wearing them, looking at photos of us wearing them, breaking down what we didn’t like about them or what we felt was lacking.  So we went to work by combining different elements from what we thought would work.  


Military camouflage was originally made in the 19th century when the range and accuracy of firearms increased.  With the need for soldiers to be harder to spot at a distance.  Most camouflage we tested was used by the military at some point.  We wanted our camouflage to work not only at range but at close range as well.  Paintball is played at closer range than real life combat situations.


One thing that stood out the most is camouflage patterns are a two-dimensional design.  Humans have a distinct profile, they’re not two-dimensional.  From standing, to crouching to a shooting position. We wanted something more than just interlocking shapes.  We wanted to push the envelope further on profile breakup.  


Our designer started adding three-dimensional elements to our camouflage.  We added shadowing and unconventional patterns to help breakup the standard profile of a person.  ALLmap© started to have depth in the pattern.  Our goal was to trick the human eye into not understanding the distance of what it was looking at.  The ability to blend in with the surrounding flora takes more than just color.  Shapes and shadows play a large role as well.  We took all of this into account and created our pattern.


Because terrains are so different throughout, we made different colorways of the ALLmap© pattern to allow for areas of extreme variants.  From there we tested the colors of our pattern until we found what we were looking for.  Going out to local terrains (San Diego has just about all of them) we took our newly created patterns to test them against the environs.  


During filming for media content we learned that the tracking feature was not working.  The patterns work so well that digital targeting systems lose the subject.  Wearing ALLmap© patterns will keep you safe from drone attacks!

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